Almost Baby Time!!

Nora Baarts

Baby’s due date is Mother’s Day! 

What a sweet little present that would be!! 


My babies have never come on those dates, and I’ve never expected them to... but with less than a week away from that “due date” I’m finding myself slowing down and really feeling this baby. The movements, the stretches, the hickups, the rolls and those little movements that make you wonder what baby is doing in there. 

As I’m definitely looking like I’m “ready to pop”, I’m getting a lot more people commenting and sharing their experiences on this stage of pregnancy. 

Just yesterday I heard “Are you SO DONE?!” At least 5 times...

And to be honest with you, no. I’m not SO DONE. 

I know it’s not up to me when this stage is over and when the next begins. 

But what I do know is that we cannot go back in time. 

Once baby comes, it’s a whole new level of special, and bonding.. and love. 

But this time inside is more magical than we sometimes let ourselves see it. 

We focus on the swollen feet and the waddle walking... the “fat face” and the fact that nothing fits us... but often times we forget that maybe, that’s natures way of telling us to slow down and be present. To feel what’s going on, on the inside... and by that I don’t just mean in your belly. I mean the inside of YOU, your heart, your soul, so deeply connected to that little being growing and developing inside you. Learning about life through you, before it’s even born. 

Life gets busy. We feel like it gets in the way sometimes... especially with other children needing attention, and snuggles, and rides... and to be fed.. and it becomes harder and harder with each new baby to form that inner connection during pregnancy - well, for me anyway! So for right now, I’m savouring this stage, knowing that like any other stage in life, once it’s over we realize how quickly it passed. And we can’t go back in time. We can’t feel those little kicks, those funny hickups, the “hey mommy are you there?” movements that stop as soon as you speak.


I’m so excited to meet this baby. To hold it and see its little face. To get to know his or her personality and to see the type of mom it changes me into. 

To see our family dynamics change once again and to see the love these other three amazing human beings will have for their new sibling. I can’t wait to see my husband snuggling a newborn again and doing that daddy rocking dance in the middle of the night. 

I’m excited for when everything stops and stands still after a baby is born. That time that seems to last forever yet passes by in just minutes. 

I’m excited beyond words for this new baby to be born, and with it, for a new mama to be born as well. 

But until that happens, I’m soaking in the now. A time that seems to last forever, yet is gone in the blink of an eye. A time we quickly forget, yet often reminisce about. 

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