Lets Give Them Hope

When I first learned about this amazing charity based in Zimbabwe, run by, probably the most kind-hearted people I have ever heard of, I was so excited to get involved!

I won't attempt to do them justice with my words, but will share their link here so that you may see for yourself.

We sponsored a child through Lets Give Them Hope in April 2017. And although I would love to share the details of this precious child with you, his privacy is important, and I don't want to jeopardize it in any way.

What I can tell you is that he is a teenager that has los his parents and, as one can only imagine, was feeling very lost and alone. Lets Give Them Hope has been helping him for years, and now through our $35 per month sponsorship he can afford a uniform and school fees. He is given hope and the ability to dream and make those dreams come true. 

My goal, charity wise for Love, Mom is to have the financial ability to afford to sponsor 2 more children by the end of the year.

Have a look at their website, and if you find that you have the room in your hearts and money allows, you too can change a child's life


Follow them on Instagram @letsgivethemhope